How to Stream Video and Music on Android with WebDAV Xplorer

You can stream video and music files stored on PrivateMail cloud through WebDAV with the Android app WebDav Xplorer.

To stream music files from your PrivateCloud on a mobile device first download the WebDav Xplorer app for Android.

Open WebDav Xplorer, tap files and select Add New Server:

Next enter in the PrivateMail WebDAV server information:

Server URL:

Username: email username

Password: email password

Tap Save.

Next tap the newly added PrivateMail WebDAV server:

Tap "Files on Server" to access files on the PrivateMail cloud server:

Tap the personal folder or location that holds the media files you want to stream.

Tap the movie or music file you want to stream and select Play.

Wait a few moments for the media to buffer then tab play or pause the playback as needed.

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