How to Send a Password Protected Self Destructing Email

    1. Log in to your Private-Mail account.

    1. Select the “New Message” button located on the left menu.

    1. Type or insert your secure message
    2. On the top menu select the “Send as self-destructing email” button

    1. A pop-up will appear, enter the Recipient >> select the Message lifetime >> choose Password based. Select Encrypt to view password. (Recipient must be on contacts list)

    1. Copy the Encrypted message password. For best security practices send password through another secure software/messaging system. Select “Ok”.

    1. The message will appear in the text area review then select “Send” on the top right.

    1. The recipient will receive an email similar to the one below. To view the message, they must click on the link provided.

    1. In the text box they will enter the password created in step 6 and select "Decrypt message".   

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