How to upload and/or download with PrivateMail Files using CyberDuck

You can upload and/or download any file using the WebDAV protocol. WebDAV enables one to transfer a file or folder from a local computer and drag and drop to the PrivateMail cloud server via WebDAV protocol.

For persistent WebDAV access to PrivateMail even after rebooting we recommend downloading the Cyberduck WebDAVclient.

To add your PrivateMail cloud to CyberDuck on Windows or MacOS first download CyberDuck and run the installer:

Click Next to install Cyberduck:

Once installed click the start menu and click the Cyberduck icon:

Click the Open Connection button:

Select WebDAV from the dropdown and enter the following settings:


Username: Your PrivateMail username

Password: Your PrivateMail password

Click Connnect

You can now browse your PrivateMail cloud server folders in Cyberduck:

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