How to Sync PrivateMail Contacts using CardDAV on Android

You can sync PrivateMail contacts on any Android device with the CardDAV sync app.

To Sync your PrivateMail contacts on Android using CardDAV first download the free CardDAV sync app.

Open the CardDAV sync app and select CardDAV under Add account:

Enter in the PrivateMail CardDAV server URL and user/pass information:

Server URL:

Username: email username

Password: email password

Tap Next

Check the Address Book(s) from the account you want to sync with your Android device then tap Next.

Enter the Account name for your Contacts list. (Check "Sync from phone to server only" if you wish for the contacts from the phone to be synced with your PrivateMail account, but not the other way around.) Tap Finish.

Your PrivateMail contacts are now synced with your Android device via CardDAV.

You will now see the newly created Contacts profile on the main screen.

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