How to Generate OpenPGP Key on Android PrivateMail Client



1) Open the Private-Mail app and log in with your email and password. On the top-right open “Settings” and select “OpenPGP.”


2) Once the OpenPGP tab is opened select “Generate Keys.” A pop-up window will appear, generate your key by typing in a new or current password and by selecting the highest available key length on the drop-down option (the larger the key length, the better security). After the password has been entered and your preferred key length is selected you are able to select “Generate.”  


3)    Two keys “Public and Private” will be created. The Public key can be distributed with anyone to exhange end to end encrypted email with. The Private key should be kept secret and stored in a secure location for personal access only. Never share your private key.


4)    Recommended: The Private key should be backed up and stored in a secure password manager such as KeePass or stored in an encrypted file.  




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