Anonymous Email
for the Paranoid.

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What makes an email service anonymous? Privatemail offers real world email privacy and anonymity solutions with anonymous cryptocurrency payment methods and end to end encrypted file sharing and email. Private-Mail is a true zero knowledge platform that gives users the ability to trust and verify the opensource encryption methods we employ. Migrate your inbox to a privacy focused email provider today.

Anonymous Payment Methods, No name required.

Everyone’s operational security requirements are different. That’s why we allow truly anonymous payments for Private-Mail users that don’t want to provide a name or billing address. Pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many others – only an email address is required. Private-mail even accepts anonymous cryptocurrency options like Monero.

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OpenPGP Encrypted File Sharing & e-mail

Stop sending private images and sensitive files by text message or email attachment. PrivateMail Files combines anonymous file sharing and anonymous email capabilities with convenient apps for mobile or desktop devices. We make sharing files with true end to end OpenPGP encryption both secure and easy.

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We don't read your e-mail.

While other email providers may profit from scanning your email inbox for marketing purposes, we don’t want to get to know you. Private-Mail does not serve advertisements and we do not scan email accounts for purposes or serving advertisements. Our online mail platform and apps do not use any third party trackers because the privacy of our users is paramount.

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No Inbox IP Logging.

Private-Mail has a strict no logging policy on customer inbox logins. Although we do check IP’s at time of purchase for fraud prevention, Private-Mail does not log your IP address when accessing our mail services. Private-Mail is powered by the makers of TorGuard so you know we build systems designed for privacy and to keep your email anonymous.