OpenPGP Encrypted
Email and File Sharing.

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Private-mail keeps your email and file transfers secure with the laws of mathematics, known as OpenPGP encryption. You don’t have to be a computer genius to guard your email communications and files with state-of-the-art encryption ciphers. We’ve built our platform with easy OpenPGP features for new users while offering advanced opensource integration options for the computer geniuses. Make privacy a protocol and encrypt everything with OpenPGP.

Secure Keyring Management

Let Private-Mail help organize your OpenPGP keyring from key generation to local storage. Generate your private and public OpenPGP key directly in the settings or add your own keys for secure local storage in the browser or PrivateMail app. Your keys are never stored or generated server side and reside only on your local device for secure processing of encrypted email and files. Mass import keys on any device or web browser with just a few clicks.

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End to End OpenPGP Encryption

It is mathematically impossible for Private-Mail or any malicious third party to intercept and decrypt emails or SecureShare files passing through our servers. When sending an email using OpenPGP you can verify with certainty by way of OpenPGP key that the recipient is indeed who they claim to be. Only the intended recipient of an encrypted email or SecureShare file can decrypt and read the contents. This is true “man in the middle” attack protection for sensitive email and files.

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SecureShare OpenPGP File Sharing

Private-Mail’s SecureShare feature enables anyone with a web browser to share files with true end to end encryption. When using SecureShare the file is first encrypted locally on the sender’s computer with OpenPGP, then it is uploaded to Private-Mail servers as an encrypted .gpg file. Once the recipient receives the transfer link the file is then downloaded and decrypted on the recipient’s local machine. At no point in transit does private data touch our servers.

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Local Key Storage and Encryption

We always encrypt your data in your local web browser or PrivateMail app to ensure the contents of every encrypted email or file are completely inaccessible for us. Additionally, no private or public OpenPGP keys are ever stored on our servers making it impossible to decrypt any sensitive emails or files. Because your data is encrypted client side and the keys are not stored on our servers there is no way for us to view or access the content.