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Keep Your Files, Private.

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Private-mail goes beyond the inbox and offers secure cloud sync, easy public file sharing, and end to end encryption for all SecureShare transfers. Keep every device up to date with the Private-Mail Files app and get secure access to your files from anywhere in the world.

SecureShare Encrypted File Sharing

Private-Mail’s SecureShare feature enables anyone with a web browser to share files with true end to end encryption. When using SecureShare the file is first encrypted locally on the sender’s computer with OpenPGP, then it is uploaded to Private-Mail servers as an encrypted .gpg file. Once the recipient receives the transfer link the file is then downloaded and decrypted on the recipient’s local machine. At no point in transit does private data touch our servers.

It’s easy to share private files with SecureShare. Simply select the encrypted file to share, click SecureShare and choose the recipient from your contact list. If the recipient has OpenPGP enabled, they can decrypt the file using their key or the sender can choose to provide a separate decryption password.

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File Sharing Anyone Can Use

Share your files with anyone online after a few clicks. Drag and drop files into the browser and easily generate links to share with family, friends, or colleagues. With Private-Mail Files you are in control when sharing personal files. Choose what files are sensitive and need SecureShare, or upload without encryption for quick and easy sharing of files, pictures, videos and more.

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Sync Files Accross Devices

The Private-Mail Files app for desktop will keep your files in sync across all devices. Any files saved in your local sync folder will transfer automatically to the Private-Mail files cloud and vise-versa. Make file revisions, add or remove new files, all while we keep your files up to date and secure. Save locally synced files with or without encryption depending on your needs.

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Your Files, Your Privacy.

Bad guys can be highly motivated. If you are still sending private images, documents, or files as attachments or insecure links, it’s only a matter of time before something leaks. Private file sharing isn’t just for the attorney or healthcare worker, this is for the everyday user. Take control of your personal files and protect them with secure encryption.