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PrivateMail is a trusted name in the email industry and is used by thousands of people every day to protect their privacy online. Refer your friends or customers to PrivateMail services and turn your web traffic into additional income. We offer 30% lifetime recurring commission rates on each signup you refer. If you have a website, facebook page, twitter account, or web blog, you could be missing out on potential revenue. Start promoting online privacy today and earn extra cash by partnering with PrivateMail’s affiliate program!

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Easy Affiliate Promotions
Promote PrivateMail on any social network, blog, or website with your own referral tracking URL. We provide the tools for your success.

60 Day Referrals
Be sure you are getting the referral credit you deserve. All conversions are tracked with a 60 day cookie to ensure fair credit.

Unblock websites, apps, and games
Websites, online services, apps, and games all track your real world location and assign content based on your IP address. With PrivateMail, you can connect to any location in the world and experience content without any restrictions.

Fast Payouts
Get paid fast with a low minimum payout threshold of just $50. We submit affiliate payouts quickly via PayPal or Bitcoin.

Marketing Ads & Promo's
PrivateMail provides professional marketing material, banners, images and promotional material to ensure your success as a PrivateMail affiliate.

World Class Support
Leave support to the pro’s. PrivateMail helpdesk is made of qualified & dedicated individuals. We’re here 24/7 so you can get back to what’s important.