Affordable White Label
and Custom Domain Solutions.

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Private-Mail’s business white label solution allows you to custom brand the Private-Mail inbox with your own logo and use a customized domain name. Build your company reputation and show employees you take privacy seriously with a custom branded encrypted email and file storage.

Bring Your own Domain, or Buy One.

With Private-Mail you can keep your own company domain name and still take advantage of our powerful webmail encryption features, software, and file storage. Your professional reputation will be in the forefront when the company domain name is shown throughout all email communications.

Need to use a second domain for private communications? Private-Mail offers secure domain management services for business plans at affordable pricing. Choose from popular TLD extensions and manage your domain settings all from your admin panel. We make managing private email services easy so you can focus on what’s important for the business.

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White Label Email Services

With Private-Mail white labeling you can display your own company logo on every email box, letting your employees know that privacy is a priority for your organization. White-labeling is included with all business email packages at no additional cost making Private-Mail an affordable email security solution for any business small or large.

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Choose Your Template

Private-Mail offers a variety of different webmail themes that every user can access to customize their own inbox look and feel. Choose from popular dark and light contrast webmail themes, traditional, forest, and more. Contact us for custom theme solutions to take seamless integration a step further.

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Your Company, Your Privacy.

Bad guys can be highly motivated. If you are still sending private images, documents, or files as attachments or insecure links, it’s only a matter of time before something leaks. Private file sharing isn’t just for the attorney or healthcare worker, this is for the everyday user. Take control of your personal files and protect them with secure encryption.