AES256 Encrypted
Private File Sync.

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Private-mail files keeps you and your files in sync wherever you go. Get secure access to your PrivateMail files with full desktop support on Windows, MacOS, and Linux or sync files on the go with mobile apps on iOS and Android. Secure your data on the cloud with AES256 encryption and decrypt files locally so you can be sure your data remains private.

Sync Local Files Securely

Private-Mail Files Sync creates a local folder that will sync all files stored on your account. Save a new file locally in your Private-Mail folder and the sync app will automatically upload it to the cloud. In the same way you can upload files to Private-Mail in the web browser and the sync app will auto download any changes in your local folder. Keep your private files in sync anywhere you go on all devices.

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AES256 Server Side Encryption

We offer true zero knowledge file privacy for any data contained in your PrivateMail files encrypted folder. Files stored in the encrypted folder are automatically encrypted server side with AES256 encryption making it impossible for a third party to read the content. Add your AES256 encryption key to the sync app and decrypt your locally stored files or choose to keep them fully encrypted for best privacy.

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Custom Sync Settings

PrivateMail Files sync apps can be customized for both personal or business accounts. Easily adjust account name, sync times, and local folder/drive location. PrivateMail's Desktop sync apps can sync both personal and corporate folders, or just one folder depending on user preference. Customize local encryption options and sync files fully encrypted or decrypted, it’s up to you.

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Local Key Storage and Encryption

We always encrypt your data in your local web browser or PrivateMail app to ensure the contents of every encrypted file are completely inaccessible for us. Additionally, no private or AES256 keys are ever stored on our servers making it impossible to decrypt any sensitive encrypted files. Because your data is encrypted client side and the keys are not stored on our servers there is no way for us to view or access the content.