Private-Mail has the

Features your inbox needs.

Private-Mail gives you powerful features

you have come to expect like: OpenPGP Encryption,

Encrypted file storage, Contacts/Calendar/sync, and more.

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Finally, email inbox security

for the Real World.

Sync your iphone's calandar and contacts with Private-mail, or keep it seperate. Upload and share files with or without paranoid AES256 encryption, it's your choice. Create multiple email alias addresses and organize your inbox or cut down on unwanted email. Private-mail give you control over the email inbox so you don't have to sacrifice security for features.

Consistent Updates and Improvements
Private-Mail has a team of dedicated developers that are constantly working to roll out service improvements and software updates. Our network undergoes both internal and external security audits to ensure that Private-Mail always stays secure. You can expect feature improvements and enhancements for years to come.

Highly Secure OpenPGP Encryption
We use industry standard encryption algorithms like AES, RSA, and OpenPGP, as well as open source software. We built our email to be transparent, but also to use state of the art encryption that can’t be cracked by malicious attacks. Encrypt, sign, and decrypt emails right in your browser so contents can’t be altered.

Encrypted Cloud Storage
Secure your private files online with Private-Mail encrypted cloud storage. Get easy access to secure file sharing anywhere in the world with only a web browser. With Private-Mail cloud storage you are in control when sharing encrypted files via email. Choose what files to secure and generate web links to share items privately as needed. Easily disable sharing links with the click of a button to ensure no one has access to your files.

Calendar Support, Files, Tasks, Notes
Make single and recurring events to keep up to date with your current tasks you’ve made. Store files securely in the cloud with encryption so no one can access the contents. Keep secure notes, and take advantage of bulk import features and more. Create multiple email alias to add a layer of privacy to your inbox, or simply to cut down on junk email.

Global Email
Use PrivateMail anywhere in the world with global server support. Ensure your email security even while in foreign countries with your secure PGP key ring. Private-mail works in any country and offers affordable VPN options to gain access to your inbox in blocked regions. Don't leave email privacy at home when traveling abroad..

Multi-Platform Email
Private-mail works from any web browser by storing your keys locally, not on our servers. Import your keyring easily on any web browser and get back to communicating in complete privacy. Download the Private-Mail Android or iOS app and stay on top of your inbox while on the go. Private-Mail is your total email and cloud storage privacy solution for any device.

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