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With GroupShare Business Email

Get Private-Mail

Bring your business together securely with PrivateMail’s Groupshare addon. This feature can be enabled at no extra charge on any business email plan. Easily share calendars and important tasks with key employees on your PrivateMail business plan. When Groupshare is enabled your employees can access both personal contact lists or shared business contacts all from their PrivateMail business inbox. Upload and share files from personal, encrypted and shared user directories.

Share Calendar Access Privately

Keep your team members on task and secured with shared Calendar access on all PrivateMail business plans. Create and manage multiple calendars and easily assign user roles/permissions for each user allowed access to the shared calendar. Attach specific user tasks to any Calendar entry and sync on any mobile device with easy DAV sync support. Choose what Private-Mail team members get access to your calendar or share a direct calendar link with an external user.

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Share Company Contact Lists

PrivateMail's business plans offer shared contact list support so you and your team can stay on the same page, securely. Share all contacts with others in the company or add to your private contact list. PrivateMail makes it easy to sync your mobile phone’s contact list with PrivateMail contacts or the Groupshare contact list. We’ve designed PrivateMail’s platform to sync with your smart phone’s built in contact list so you can easily import any existing business contacts. Don’t want to sync your contacts list? You don’t have to. We understand some users need enhanced privacy so mobile sync options are disabled by default and can only be enabled by the user.

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Private Group Filesharing

Access PrivateMail files as a team and get access to company resources from anywhere in the world. With Groupshare enabled your company can upload files to the shared team folder or save to your personal encrypted folder to keep private. Choose what members can access the shared folder so your company can keep in sync from any device or web browser.

Get Private-Mail Now

Your Company, Your Privacy.

Bad guys can be highly motivated. If you are still sending private images, documents, or files as attachments or insecure links, it’s only a matter of time before something leaks. Private file sharing isn’t just for the attorney or healthcare worker, this is for the everyday user. Take control of your personal files and protect them with secure encryption.