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17 August

T-Mobile Customers’ Text Messaging Blocked After Sending the Word “Belly”

23 March

Tutanota email service blocked by Russian Censors

17 February

Telegram Founder says WhatsApp Contains Numerous Backdoors

07 January

Here’s What is Wrong with the EU’s E-evidence Proposal

11 November

Hackers Stole Text Messages and Call Records from a Telecom Company

29 October

Google Calendars Blunder Exposes User Meetings and Company Info

25 October

Activists Phones Targeted by Advanced Malware

18 October

Your Boss Can Read Your Gsuite Drafts and More

04 October

Millions of Americans’ X-Rays, MRIs, and CT Scans are Freely Available Online

17 September

Gmail’s Confidential Mode is Not Private